Pristine white beaches or rough coastlines, maybe beautiful gardens or rather buzzing city streets: These are just some locations in and around Cape Town available for your video or photo production. With our local knowledge, experience and a reliable network of location agencies and scouts, we will present you with the most suitable and spectacular locations for your specific production needs. These amazing locations are backed up by industry standard support as well as experienced and friendly local crew. Thus providing not just great locations, but also world class production support.

So let us know what locations you are looking for. We would be happy to show you what Cape Town and South Africa can offer to take your production to the next level.

A taste of what is on offer in and around Cape Town.

Coastal Locations Cape Town
In Coastal

Coastal Locations

A large variety of coastal scenes to fit all tastes
City Locations Cape Town
In City

City Locations

A large variety of cityscapes to fit all your needs
Commercial Locations Cape Town
In Commercial

Commercial Locations

A large variety of commercial locations to fit your brief
Country Locations Cape Town
In Countryside

Countryside Locations

A large variety of countryside locations to fit all tastes
Garden Locations Cape Town
In Gardens

Garden Locations

A large variety of garden locations to suit your look
Houses Locations Cape Town
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House Locations

House Locations

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